Chitosan Technology

The next generation, nonwoven, surface treated chitosan fiber fleece.

The Chitosan Difference

SoftSeal®-STF edge view, 10x magnification


SoftSeal®-STF surface, 10x magnification

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White Paper: Chitosan and
SoftSeal®-STF Hemostatic Pad

The Chitogen product is differentiated by its structure, chemistry, and processing simplicity. It is unlike other products in the market today.


SoftSeal®-STF was developed to control pH, ionic charge and to increase adherence to bleeding tissues. The hemostatic fiber attaches to the bleeding tissue to form a stable clot. Once bleeding is controlled, the pad is easily removed by fluid irrigation.


The SoftSeal®-STF Pad is composed of millimeter sized fibers of chitosan which is derived from chitin with a very high molecular weight. The high molecular weight is a requirement for a finished product that possesses excellent biocompatibility and toughness for additional processing.