SoftSeal®-STF Hemotatic Pad

Use SoftSeal®-STF pads to control bleeding from femoral access sites.


Rapid Hemostasis
  • Promotes formation of a strong, stable clot
  • Reduces duration and amount of compression required
  • Promotes early ambulation
  • Works with ACT-compromised patients


Unique Chemical Composition
  • Biodegradable and biocompatible
  • Fabric similar to natural tissue elasticity and strength
  • Purified and sterile for confidence of use with all patients
  • Lack of allergenic response due to chitin cleaning process


Priced for Routine Use
  • More cost effective than vascular closure devices
  • 2″ x 2″ Hemostatic Pad


Soft, Pliable and Easy to Apply
  • Conformable and adheres to bleeding tissues
  • Stays in place for 24 hours
  • Painlessly removed with irrigation

Download Resources

Abstract: Clinical Efficacy of SoftSeal-STF Hemostatic Pad

White Paper: SoftSeal®-STF Hemostatic Pad Technology

PDF: SoftSeal®-STF Hemostatic Pad IFU

PDF: SoftSeal®-STF Time to Hemostasis Trial

SoftSeal®-STF Topical Hemostatic Pad Application

  1. Open the SoftSeal®-STF pouch into a sterile field.
  2. Cover puncture site with a SoftSeal®-STF pad, blue side up, and apply firm pressure.
  3. Pad may be placed over sheath hub prior to removal or placed directly over puncture site after sheath is removed.
  4. Remove sheath following hospital protocol. After sheath removal, maintain firm pressure.
  5. Continue to apply pressure over puncture site until hemostasis is achieved, then slowly release, leaving the SoftSeal®-STF pad in place.
  6. Place dry gauze over SoftSeal®-STF pad and cover with an appropriate dressing.
  7. Within 24 hours, soak SoftSeal®-STF pad with water and gently remove.


RX only. For sale by or on the order of a physician only. For indications, precautions and complications, see IFU download (right).

SoftSeal®-STF Application Video