Unparalleled Benefits

Unparalleled Benefits

The Chitogen STF Hemostatic Pad products are comprised of Chitosan Surface Treated Fibers (STF).  The surface treated fiber (STF) process imparts an enhanced positive surface charge to the chitosan for improved hemostasis and tissue interaction. Both the matrix and the surface treatment are proprietary to Chitogen Inc.

While manual compression is still considered the standard of comparison by the interventional specialist, the shortcomings of this post procedure technique are evidenced by:

  • Poor time utilization
  • Patient dissatisfaction
  • Occasional but significant bleeding problems


STF for femoral and STFR for radial procedures surpass standard compression alone with reduced hold times.

In a large study of 1,348 patients, SoftSeal®-STF was found to reduce hold time by 60% compared to manual compression following femoral cardiac catheterization. For radial procedures, the STFR pad used in conjunction with a TR compression band was shown to significantly reduce time to hemostatis.


The Chitosan pad uses advanced technology in a unique and proprietary fiber structure that promotes:

  • Reduced compression time
  • Accelerated hemostasis
  • Greater patient comfort


Value To Procedure

  • Soft, pliable and easy to use
  • Adheres to the bleeding tissue to promote a tenacious and stable clot
  • Stays in place for 24 hours
  • Easily removed with irrigation
  • Effective with patients on anticoagulation
  • Promotes early ambulation
  • 5 year shelf life

Significant improvement in time to hemostasis, Radial Band vs Radial Band + Softseal STFR

Same Day Interventional Services, St. Luke’s Medical Center, Milwaukee, WI 2022

D-Seal for Dialysis

In a dialysis trial with over 250 treatments, the average time to hemostasis dropped from 14.3 minutes to 5.4 minutes using D-Seal® Hemostatic Pads.


Our unique proprietary fiber structure is:

  • Soft and pliable and comfortable
  • Patented and FDA approved
  • Proven to improve time to hemostasis vs gauze and pressure

Clinical Benefits

  • Reduce dialysis time
  • Require less pressure on fistula and reduced or eliminated clamp time
  • Allow clinics to better control patient scheduling
  • Promote more accurate staff scheduling and greater patient turnover
  • Provide economic ROI in annual labor savings


Achieve a Superior Patient Experience

  • Greater comfort and less time in dialysis chair
  • Reduced hold-pressure and time required
  • Consistent results
  • Easily removed by clinic or patient once hemostasis is achieved

HemaSTAT for Trauma

The HemaSTAT product is a Duplex Hemostatic Dressing (DHD), the first of its kind, which combines our proprietary Chitosan-STF fiber with a proprietary hydrophilic polymer powder. This combination dressing overcomes the shortcomings of other products by utilizing two different modes of hemostatic activity on a trauma wound.

Testing of the initial prototypes in military-type bleeding models has shown very good results.


This product is currently being field tested and will be available for widespread use soon.

When dialysis time to hemostasis is greater than 15 minutes, the average savings per treatment is 13.1 minutes. This is a significant staff cost savings, as well as major patient satisfier.
HemaSTAT Synergistic benefit of dual component therapy drives immediate blood clot formation