Range of Applications

A technology with the versatility to be used in a growing list of lifesaving applications

Chitogen SoftSeal-STF ® technology is a blood control and management tool for healthcare professionals. It is an active hemostat, with FDA clearance, designed to help reach hemostasis, quickly, safely and effectively in a wide variety of applications.


In dealing with both cardiac catherization and percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), SoftSeal-STF hemostatic pads have been proven to be a valuable tool for Cardiologists in helping their patients safely and effectively improve time to stop bleeding post procedure and reduce potential complications.

  • Soft, pliable and easy to use
  • Adheres to the bleeding tissue to promote a tenacious and stable clot
  • Stays in place for 24 hours
  • Easily removed with irrigation
  • Effective with patients on anticoagulation
  • Promotes early ambulation
  • 5 year shelf life


Typical patient conditions that result in admissions to hospital Medical-Surgical units include:

  • Head and neck surgeries
  • Orthopedic procedures, such as total hip and knee replacements, rotator cuff repairs, and carpal tunnel surgery
  • General abdominal surgery, such as appendectomy, cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal), hysterectomy, colon surgery, and hernia surgery
  • Urologic procedures
  • Breast and gynecological procedures


Nearly all hospital protocols will require IV’s and Laboratory draws for Med-Surg patients. If a patient has a blood thinner in their system, and/or has a history of bleeding conditions, SoftSeal-STF is an superior option for the bedside care team to use in managing these conditions.


Nearly all patients in the ICU require application of an IV (Intraveneous catheter), which may cause bleeding conditions for patients, particularly if they are on blood thinners. SoftSeal-STF successfully assists the ICU care team in supporting the patients to reduce potential complications of excessive bleeding.


Civilian First Responders as well as combat medics in the battlefield routinely experience the most challenging situations in blood management. The developing technology of Chitogen’s trauma pad promises to provide a significant assist in these environments. Early tests have shown excellent results and Chitogen hopes to deploy this technology to the market in early 2025.

Typical situations for First Responders seeking help in bleeding control and management are:

EMT/First Responders:

  • Highway accidents
  • Domestic disturbances
  • Home and Commercial fires

Combat medics:

  • Blast wounds – landmines, grenades, IEDs (improvised explosive devices), suicide bombings.
  • Gunshot and shrapnel wounds
  • Head injuries and fractured bones